1) Download the SSIPTV app to your TV.
2) Buy bundles. -> ipvert.com
3) Install it easily with the steps below and start watching right away.

SS IPTV application is supported by many brands, especially Samsung, LG, Vestel, Sony and Philips brands. (Not all brands and models are supported.) You can learn how to install iptv for Smart TVs with SSIPTV by following the items below.

From your computer, go to http://www.ss-iptv.com/en/users/playlist.
Type your application code in the box on the right and click the ADD DEVICE button. (You can get the code by clicking the Get Code button in the Settings/General tab of the SSIPTV application on your TV.)
Click the External Playlists tab and click ADD ITEM. Copy and paste any name in the Displayed Name field, your m3u link in your e-mail address in the Source field and click the OK button. Finally, click the SAVE button. “Playlist has been successfully saved!” After you see the text, your channels are loaded.
Close and open the SSIPTV application once. You can see your channel list. We wish you a good viewing.
Note: If you can’t see your channel list on your TV after doing these steps, unplug the modem and TV, plug them back in after 5 minutes and check.


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